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Closed for the season.

Farmyard Admission

Farmyard is closed for season.

Pick Your Own

We have several varieties of apples available to pick on your own. We provide you with a bag, and you can mix and match any ready-to-pick variety to fill your bag. Apples ripen at different times throughout the season, so check Apples & More to make sure the variety you want is ready when you want to come.

You can also pick your own pumpkin from the patch late September thru October.

There is no admission fee to pick apples. You simply pay for the size of bag you’d like to pick:

– 1/4 peck bag: $6.75
– 1/2 peck bag: $10.95
– 1 peck bag: $19.80
– 1/2 bushel bag: $35.95
– 1 bushel bag: $58.95

How to pick an apple:

First choose a nice looking apple full of color that you want to put in your bag. Gently grab with your hand, then twist and pull up. Apples can bruise so don’t squeeze too hard. You will always tell if an apple is ripe if it comes off the tree easily. If it is not ready then part of the tree limb and leaves will come off with the apple.

Did you know next years apple buds are already set? And that when you pull off a partial limb you are pulling off next year’s apples? Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!


Apples and/or pumpkins are NOT included in the price of admission.



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