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This list is always subject to change. Please call ahead to check if you’ve got your heart set on a specific variety.

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Due to apples ripening about 2 weeks early, U-Pick is now closed for the season.

Apple Bag Sizes:
1/4 peck = 3 lbs.   |   1/2 peck = 6 lbs.   |   1 peck = 12 lbs.   |   1/2 bushel = 24 lbs.   |   1 bushel = 48 lbs.

Center Grove Orchard Apple Varieties

Best for
Dates (approx.)
Paula Red Tart, juicy, crisp white flesh, soften soon Eating, applesauce (needs little or no sugar) Aug. 10
Zestar! Sweet-tart, crisp, hint of brown sugar flavor Fresh eating, cooking Aug. 20
Red Free Tart Baking Aug. 25
Wolf River Mildly tart Baking, sauce, drying Aug. 25
Blondee Sweet, crunchy, non-browning flesh Eating fresh, desserts Sept. 1
Cortland Tart with hint of sweet and tangy Salads, kabobs, garnishes (cut fruit is slow to brown) Sept. 1
Gala Crisp, firm, juicy, mild and sweet Eating, salads Sept. 1
McIntosh Tender, juicy, aromatic,  tart-sweet Eating, cooking (if using in pies, add more thickener) Sept. 1
Golden Supreme Unique sweet, very firm with a hint of raspberry flavor Eating, salads Sept. 5
Autumn Crisp Sweeter than it is tart, non-browning Eating fresh Sept. 10
Jonamac McIntosh-Jonathan cross, dessert apple, firm, crisp, tart Eating, baking Sept. 10
Crimson Crisp Very crisp, firm, tart Eating, baking Sept. 15
Honeycrisp Crisp, juicy, mild, honeyed flavor Eating, salads, sauce making Sept. 20
Empire Sweet-tart, juicy cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh Snacks, baking, cooking Sept. 20
Jonathan Firm, spicy, sweet with a crisp snap, all-around good apple Sauces, snacks, salads, pies, applesauce Sept. 20
Snow Sweet Sweet taste with a slight tart balance, slow to brown when cut Snacks, salads Sept. 25
Cameo Firm, crisp, aromatic flavor, stores well Eating, salads Oct. 1
Golden Delicious Crisp, mild, sweet Any use (when making pies, reduce the total sugar) Oct. 1
Red Delicious Sweet, juicy Eating, salads, not particularly suitable for cooking or baking Oct. 1
Jonagold Crisp, juicy, sweet Pies, baked desserts, sauces Oct. 5
Lysgolden Crisp, mild, sweet Eating, salads Oct. 5
Mutsu Sweet-tart, distinct flavor Eating, pies, salads Oct. 10
RJ Gold Sweet, large eating apple, similar to Golden Supreme Snacks, salads Oct. 15
Chieftain Sweet Eating, sauce, pies, salads, baking Oct. 20
Braeburn Sweet yet tart Eating, salads, sauce making Oct. 25
Fuji Mild sweet, juicy, firm All uses, especially snacks Oct. 25
Granny Smith Crisp, very tart All uses, especially cakes, pies, applesauce Nov. 1

Coming in Future Years!
Candy Crisp, Shizuka, and EverCrisp®.

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